Pipe™ Software

Pipe™ Software

Winter tile installationWith Pipe™ Software, you can eliminate the trial and error of laying tile or pipes to direct subsurface drainage. Users set preferred parameters for their drainage projects, and AMW’s proprietary Vertical Curve Technology™ (VCT™) designs a solution using a finite number of grade breaks through the drainage path. With VCT, drainage paths retain nutrient-rich soils, moving the minimuVertical Curve Technologym amount to achieve the desired drainage. Pipe Software provides RTK GPS accuracy without requiring laser systems, axis alignment, manual grade breaks, or point-to-point paths. When you hit a rock, the software does the work of redesigning automatically, without requiring user intervention. AMW software gets higher accuracy from GPS data through signal coordination and stringent mathematical formulas. Precise machine control is achieved through use of the best valve controllers, making use of pulse-width modulation technology.

Pipe Software Function
Pipe Software screenshotYou can survey, design drainage systems, and install tile all with one computer. With four levels of software available, you can invest in just the capability that you need to be productive:

With Pipe I Software, you can go to the field without a plan, knowing only the exit point to which you’ll drain. Drive to the drain and backtrack to create a plan for slope and depth based on your parameters. Works for tractors with frame-mounted, three-point, or pull-behind tile plows, or for self-propelled tile plows.

Import a tile layout design from WaterCourse™ Tile or Dual Design Software, and use Pipe II Software to control tile-plow depth and angle of attack. Plow away from the main to orient to the plan. Works for tractors with frame-mounted, three-point, or pull-behind tile plows, or for self-propelled tile plows.

Pipe III SoftwareWith Pipe III Software, you also start from a planned tile layout. With this version, you can tile both uphill and downhill, toward, across, and away from the main, saving time and eliminating backtracking in installation. Works for tractors with frame-mounted, three-point, or pull-behind tile plows, or for self-propelled tile plows.

Pipe IV Software adds steering for self-propelled tile plows. For commercial tile contractors, this means faster, more accurate placement of tiles with less manpower–for increased productivity and value. AMW’s steering is the most accurate in the industry, +/- .2 foot on straight paths, curves, or tangents. The software also provides coordinate and visual data that can be provided to customers, making it easier to maintain and supplement the system over time.

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Software Details

Pipe Software works with any brand tile plow or RTK GPS. Runs on Windows XP and above. Exports lines to Google Earth or a CAD or GIS program as a .dxf file.

Working with Other AMW Software Products

Pipe Software includes Topo Software as a component to collect 3D survey data, and accepts tile layout files created in WaterCourse™ Tile or Dual Design Software. Pipe Software uses the same user-defined parameters as WaterCourse for minimum, maximum, and optimum depth and minimum and maximum slope.

Learning to Use Pipe Software

Pipe_Operation_Manual_CoverDashboard Operation ManualMenus_Operation_ManualWorking_Screen_Operation_Manual

View the Pipe Operation Manual, Dashboard Operation ManualMenus Operation Manual or Working Screen Operation Manual. Training is available through participating dealers.

Effectively manage your drainage with Pipe Software. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.