Level™ Software

O'Houle land levelerLevel™ Software

Level™ Software and GPS data mean accuracy within a quarter inch when the base station is within a quarter mile. That unsurpassed accuracy pays, whether for field management or preparing sites for pads or foundations. Bulldozers, scrapers, and box blades can all be put to work in shaping fields through automatic blade control.

Ideal for achieving single plan drainage and irrigation objectives, the basic software package simulates laser set-ups with A-B lines. Automation of tilt and fore slope position indication are both available.

AMW Level SoftwareFor more productivity, add automatic blade control in land-forming applications. A more sophisticated version can use A-B lines or follow single-plane designs imported with cut/fill information. Additional automation of tilt and fore slope position indication are available, too.

Working with Other AMW Software Products

Level Software includes Topo Software as a component to collect topographic data, and is often integrated into projects utilizing the Dirt Software.

Working with Other Software Products

Level Software integrates seamlessly with OptiSurface™ Landforming 3D design software, to improve earthwork volumes and move water more efficiently.

Technical Specifications

Runs on Windows XP and above.

Learning to Use Level Software

Level_Operation_ManualDashboard Operation ManualMenus_Operation_ManualWorking_Screen_Operation_Manual

View the Level Operation Manual, Dashboard Operation ManualMenus Operation Manual, or Working Screen Operation Manual. Training is available through participating dealers.

Get the elevations you’re after with Level Software. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.