Ditch™ Software

Ditch™ Software

Ditch Software eases the creation or re-cutting of surface ditches. Using Vertical Curve Technology™ (VCT™), it AMW-1502_VCT_Iconcalculates the optimum slopes and grade breaks for an entire ditch. VCT has the accuracy to assure that the minimum amount of earth is moved to achieve the desired drainage. The software captures lines with unique labels to record ditch locations.

Users can start with an imported plan or begin in the field by backing into a ditch and having the software create a plan based on parameters. Ditch Software can measure existing terrain or topography. Background drawings, like satellite imagery or topographical flow patterns, can be added to show important supplemental information.

Ditch Software is a profile based design and machine control software. The software shows cut and fill, blade position and plan in real time on a PC screen in the cab of the bulldozer, scraper or towing vehicle for scrapers, blades, rotary ditchers, and other towed equipment. RTK GPS input, hydraulic machine control hardware and a panel PC required.

Software Function

Imports and displays data from various file types, including NEZ, TXT, CSV, DXF, and more. Exports to DXF format for any CAD program.

Working with Other AMW Software ProductsAMW_DITCH_TRACTOR

Includes Topo Software as a component to collect 3D survey data. Ditch accepts plans designed in WaterCourse Field or Dual Design Software. Ditch shares data formats and can exchange information with Dirt (for surface grading design and implementation) and Pipe (for sub-surface tiling design and implementation).

Technical Specifications

Runs on Windows XP and above.

Learning to Use Ditch Software

Training is available through participating dealers.

Increase your productivity with the help of Ditch Software to effectively manage surface water drainage. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.