Dig™ Software

Dig™ SoftwareCase excavator with machine control

With Dig™ Software, there’s no more need for manual flagging and painted alignment. Operators can excavate to 3-D plans using DGPS or RTK-GPS for GPS accuracy. While any level of GPS works with any level of the software, only Dig Software has hydraulic bucket control and RTK for automated bucket steering.

At its most basic, Dig Software shows the operator a plan view, allowing control of the bucket for slope to dig a trench. RTK-GPS and DGPS provide guidance, control, or both for an excavator.

For more productivity, Dig Software is available integrated with iDigBest hardware and design software. At its most sophisticated, Dig and iDigBest hardware and software work together to automate the bucket with the most accuracy available anywhere. With RTK-GPS, the combination is accurate to plus or minus .05 foot. With the older DGPS technology, accuracy is to two feet horizontally; a laser is required for the vertical component of an NEZ (three-dimensional) design.

Working with Other AMW Software Products

Dig Software includes Topo Software as a component to collect 3D survey data. The user can import completed designs from WaterCourse Design Software to implement through excavation. Dig Software can be used in conjunction with Pipe Software for combined excavation and tile installation projects.

Technical Specifications

Works with Windows XP and above.

Learning to Use Dig Software

Training is available through participating dealers.

Increase your excavation productivity and accuracy with Dig Software. Locate a dealer near you or contact AMW Machine Control.