Our GPS-based software is available for construction site preparation and specifically for highway construction. The software offers machine guidance or control for dozers, graders, excavators, curb machines, pavers, trenchers, trimmers, and milling machines.

Our software supports heavy equipment operators with accurate surface grading and excavation, as well as with site preparation for construction, roads, or parking lots. Our software starts with design and mapping; enables grade checking and surface design via ATVs and pickup trucks; and can be upgraded for heavy-equipment machine indication and control.

Topo™ Software provides accurate, convenient mobile mapping of any construction site. The user can use any vehicle–pick-up, ATV, snowmobile–or even walk across the site. The survey data is easily exportable for use in design or machine guidance or control programs.

With WaterCourse™ Design, complete water management systems can eliminate oversaturation, standing water and assure that rainwater runs off for optimal drainage. It performs precise volume calculations, grid comparisons and surface comparisons through data collected during daily operations. WaterCourse Site Design is a complete surface design and subsurface design program for large or small construction sites.

Dirt™ Software saves time, money, and effort in site work. Instant on-screen feedback and direction shows the machine operator cut and fill amounts to plan the grade anywhere on the job site. Automatic grade control makes land-forming and site-preparation work accurate and simple, with bulldozer, scraper, or blade.

Get accuracy easily when digging linear layouts for basements, footers, water lines, sewer lines, utility installation, and other subgrade projects. Dig™ Software from AMW Machine Control is the 3-D excavator control that works with GPS data to assure that plans become reality.

Ditch™ Software eases the creation or re-cutting of surface ditches to eliminate water collection and facilitate surface water run-off. Using Vertical Curve Technology™, it calculates optimum slopes and grade breaks for an entire ditch. It captures lines with unique labels to record ditch location. Software provides guided or automated control while cutting.

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