Surface contours matter in agriculture, because drainage and water movement are critical. AMW Machine Control makes software that uses the most sophisticated GPS data, yet is user-friendly enough for those who don’t make data their full-time job.

AMW software supports design of pads, level fields, drainage, and water retention, using Vertical Curve technologies for gradual grade changes rather than multiple planes produced by laser systems. The result is accuracy within tight tolerances, and land management in agricultural applications that pays dividends in productivity.

Topo™ Software is the easiest method to gather topographical information. Mobile mapping happens from any vehicle–pick-up, ATV, tractor, snowmobile, or snowcat. With Topo Software, one person can survey 200 acres in a day, collecting up to 20,000 data points.

With WaterCourse™ Design, complete designs can eliminate standing water and assure that rainwater runs off for optimal drainage, without taking valuable topsoil, nutrients, and fertilizers with it. It also eliminates standing water, which decreases field productivity, and performs precise volume calculations, grid comparisons and surface comparisons. WaterCourse is available for surface design or subsurface tiling system design, or both.

Level fields mean less erosion, more nutrient retention, and controlled rainwater absorption. Level™ Software uses GPS instead of laser systems for quick, accurate work.

Manage field contours with Dirt™ Software and bulldozer, scraper, or blade. Levels of capability mean you invest in the productivity you need, whether gathering topographical data, providing visual guidance, or automatically controlling grade.

Excavating a ditch or tile installation site has never been easier. With Dig™ Software and GPS data, 3-D excavator control is precise without manual flagging and painted alignments. Different software versions provide guidance or control.

Pipe™ Software collects and analyzes information and then directs or controls the laying of pipe or tiles for ideal water subsurface drainage. Four levels of software mean you can invest in the capability that makes sense for your agricultural operation. It can start with designs created in WaterCourse™ Design or inform an operator in the field, controlling tile plows that are frame-mounted, three-point, pull-behind, or self-propelled.

Ditch Software eases the creation or re-cutting of surface ditches to facilitate field drainage, directing water to county drains or other outlets. Using Vertical Curve Technology™, it calculates optimum slopes and grade breaks for an entire ditch. It captures lines with unique labels to record ditch location. Software provides guided or automated control while cutting.

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